About Us

What is LGBT Sherbrooke?

LGBT Sherbrooke is a forum serving the LGBTQQIAAP community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, allied, asexual, pansexual) of Sherbrooke and its surroundings. This site is a place of healthy exchange between LGBTQ +, but also open to heterosexuals, so a place of listening, prevention and meeting without discrimination.

LGBT Sherbrooke talks about what?

LGBT Sherbrooke brings together all forms of discussion, topics. We talk about sport, politics, prevention, gossip, film, current affairs about the LGBTQ + community, but not only, we talk about current affairs in the broad sense. LGBT Sherbrooke is a range of topics, sometimes serious, sometimes light, that give rise to sometimes funny, often engaged, never unhealthy, always interesting exchanges between the members, all perfectly orchestrated by the moderators and the community.

Why was LGBT Sherbrooke forum created?

The creator of LGBT Sherbrooke searched for local websites for the LGBTQ + community of Sherbrooke and Estrie. He searched for many answers to his questions about his sexuality. Difficult questions to discuss with friends, let alone family. The solution was to find this place of exchange, prevention, meeting dedicated to an LGBTQ + public online in his region. However, there was no convenient website to chat online and gather the various resources of the region for the LGBTQ + local Sherbrooke and Estrie community. There were Facebook pages but Facebook groups were risky, since other users might see you as part of the group. So because the adage wants that “we are never better served than by oneself”, as much create this place in line in his image, in the image of his public!